What we do

We provide combined legal and corporate finance services to early stage technology or consumer products companies in return for a mix of fees and equity for companies developing early stage technologies with proprietary proven science which is both defendable and what we regard as ‘neat’. By this we mean that it should be novel and demonstrably satisfy an unmet existing market demand or clearly have potential to create a new market demand.

We focus on companies for whom £250,000 to £500,000 is likely to be sufficient to take them to the stage whether they can either operate profitably or demonstrate sufficient prospects to attract further investment from the many EIS and VCT fund managers we know well or a trade sale. Our unique selling point is that we do know reasonably well many professional investors and some of them very well and also that, as lawyers, we are naturally diligent and so will only propose investments where we feel very confident, having invested time in researching their prospects, that the investee companies we propose for investment represent worthy prospects.

Our approach is that of a generalist though we will exclude those companies whose technology will take a long time to develop, for example pharmaceutical businesses. All companies must also be what we would regard as ethical.

We look to take four fifths of our agreed fee in equity at the price of the investment round.

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